Spa SaniFani offers a wide range of refreshing and effective water sports. Come and join our professionally instructed water sports classes!

Water sports are available at the price of the spa ticket. For guests staying at the spa hotel, water sports classes are also included in the price of the room.

No advance registration is required for water sports classes! Enquiries during spa opening hours by phone on +358 (0)44 728 5921 or by email at

Due to COVID-19, the classes require registration upon arrival at the spa (at the ticket desk). We have limited the number of participants to ensure safe distances.


Water sports class descriptions

Water workout (30 min)
Intense and effective 30-minute workout session with music, utilising a variety of different exercise equipment. The workout is held in the pool section, at the shallow end of the fitness pool. Suitable for everyone who likes brisk water exercise.

Water aerobics (30/45 min)
Light exercise in a warm spa pool using various equipment. This relaxed water aerobics session is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. The Monday class includes music.

Rheumatism association’s water aerobics (30 min)
A light, relaxed water aerobics session in a warm spa pool. Various equipment may be utilised. Primarily intended for members of the rheumatism association.

City’s water aerobics (60 min)
Medium-intensity water aerobics in a warm spa pool using various equipment. This water aerobics session is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Instructed by City of Kalajoki sports instructor Jaana Liias.


Deep-end workout (30 min)
This intense deep-end workout develops endurance and body control. The session is held at the deep end of the pool section’s fitness pool with an aquajogging belt. Various equipment may also be utilised.

SUP Training (45 min)
The high-intensity SUP Training is a new type of group exercise class, which consists of initial warm-up and muscle fitness, balance and mobility exercises on a SUP board. This class focuses on core muscles and body control in a fun way. The class is accompanied by music. Price: Instruction fee €5 + spa ticket.
The classes have room for the first six people. Submit your registration to the exercise instructors no later than the night before.

Water HIIT (30 min)
An efficient high-intensity interval training session that raises your heart rate and develops muscle fitness, with music to cheer you on. This workout takes place in the pool section’s fitness pool.


We reserve the right to make changes!


19.00-19.30 Water workout (music, swimming hall)
19.45-20.15 Water aerobic (music, swimming hall)

13.30-14.00 Water aerobic (spa pool)

17.00-17.30 Rheumatism association’s water aerobic (swimming hall)
17.45-18.15 Deep-end workout (swimming hall)

19.00-19.45 SUP-training (pre-registration, instruction fee €5)

9.15-10.00 Water aerobic (spa pool)

17.00-17.30 Water HIIT (swimming hall)