1. Be sure to shower before entering the swimming pool. Remove swimwear before showering or entering the sauna.

2. Wash your hair with water before entering the swimming pool, or use a shower or swim cap. Be sure to tie up long hair.

3. Parents and guardians must supervise children (8 years or under) and those who cannot swim (Finnish Consumer Agency Regulation 08/2002). Children under the age of 2 must wear a swim diaper in the pool.

4. Running and disorderly or indecent behaviour is prohibited.

5. Taking pictures is prohibited in the pool area.

6. Shoes must be removed before entering the shower and pool area.

7. Appropriate swimwear is required (swimsuit or swimming trunks, bikinis or swimming shorts).

8. Snacks and alcohol are prohibited in the pool area.

9. You must also follow all other instructions provided in the pool area and shower facilities.

10. The staff has the right to remove any person from the pool area in case they violate the rules. Any person not complying with the rules may also be banned from the spa for a specified period of time.


By following Spa SaniFani’s rules and instructions, you ensure a pleasant stay for yourself as well as others.