Indoor activities

Gentle body maintenance 60 min, max. 30 people

A session that pampers the body and mind. The class includes exercises that open up and strengthen the body, helping to reduce muscle tension caused by sedentary work, among other things.


Neck and shoulder revitalisation 45 min, max. 30 people

A light and comfortable exercise session that strengthens and stretches the muscles of the back and shoulders. A stick or rubber band may be used as a tool. May be carried out indoor or outdoors.


Sparkling wine or beer yoga, 45 min, max 30 people

A bubbly, fun, and relaxing hour where familiar yoga sequences are performed with sparkling beverages. Perfect for team-building days or to liven up and lighten the mood at the end of a meeting day!

Outdoor activities

KalajokiRace 90 min, max. 50 people

The clock is ticking – will you have time to get through all the checkpoint before time runs out? Exciting and enigmatic tasks in the magnificent landscape of the Sand Dunes. Assemble a team and get racing! You can also request a quote for a bigger group.


Team building 60 min, max. 30 people

A competition with fun tasks and problem solving exercises to build team spirit.
The activities are carried out indoor or outdoors.


Sani Olympics 60 min, max. 30 people

Who will rule the dunes? Get ready for a fast-paced event
with sand flying everywhere! The activities are carried out outdoors and available in May–September.


Nature as a gym 45 min, max. 30 people

Utilising nature’s own elements in various muscle fitness and balance exercises. Enjoying and relaxing in the great outdoors. Available May–September.


Water activities

HydroCrossTraining 45 min, max. 12 people

A comprehensive, intensive muscle fitness workout carried out both in water and on dry land. This intense workout is suitable for fit young people and adults who want to challenge themselves.

SUP Balance 60 min, max. 6 people

A body maintenance class with yoga-style exercises on a SUP board. Come relax and try something new. The activity is suitable for both beginners and more experienced SUP boarders.


Pool Dance 30 min, max. 20 people

Pool Dance is a dance session with partner dance music from humppa to jenkka and samba to rock. The steps have been adapted from partner dance steps to suit the water environment. During the class, you can enjoy the happy atmosphere of partner dancing while exercising efficiently and safely. The classes are suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness level or dance skills.


Aquabics 30 min, max. 30 people

A light water exercise class with music, in which various exercise equipment is utilised in various ways. Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.


Aquamix 30 min, max. 30 people

A fast-paced and versatile workout for the whole body in shallow water. Get your heart rate up and a sweat on! Finish off by relaxing with stretches.